antiX M12 is nearing completion, it is currently speculated to be release slightly after the debian testing freeze on june 30.

Here is a video of the test release, by sneekylinux on youtube.

Quick Tips
  • Login as 'demo', password = 'demo'.
  • For root access, password = 'root'. Please do not login as root. It is totally unnecessary.
  • Use 'sux' rather than 'su' when opening GUI apps as root in a terminal.
  • Sudo is not configured by default. antiX is not Ubuntu!
  • To boot from floppy, I suggest SmartBootManager.
  • antiX can also boot from an .iso file on a hard-drive. Boot from iso on hard-disk This is very fast.
  • antiX can also be installed as a livecd to usb. Using a live-usb-cd is very fast.
  • This site is under construction. For questions, comments, please use the antiX forum or the antiX forum on MepisLovers
  • There is also a lot of information suitable for antiX in the MEPIS wiki.
  • Link to full list of applications used in antiX. antiX-M11 antiX-M11-base antiX-M11-core